Convert kPa to psi

Now that you have mastered converting MPa to psi, how about trying kPA to psi?

What is kPa, well it stands for Kilopascal and like it's brother MPa it is a a metric (SI) measurement unit of pressure.

A common use for kPa is for car tire pressure, For example a common tire pressure for average size cars can be about 220 kPa or as there say in america 32psi!

Yes 32 psi thats the majic number we are goin to teach you to find and it's just as simple as before.

To calculate this we need the correct formula for kPa to pis, well here it is (kPa x 0.145037738)  
Just take you kPa value and multiple it by 0.145037738 and you have the correct psi value.

Now as before if your woried about typing in all those numbers each time, there is an online calulator to do this for you Click her to convert kPa to psi

Good luck converting and for all you eaxact people out there when you convert 220 kPa to psi it's actually 31.90830236!


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