Take the trouble out of converting MPa to psi

Your here because you need to know how to convert MPa into psi, well lets not beat aroubnd the bush and get straight to it.

You can do it in 3 simple steps

  1. Find a calculator. If you don't have one you most likely have one on your computer or phone
  2. Now enter the MPa value you want to convert to psi in the calculator
  3. Now simply Multiply that value by 145.0377
Tada, all done it's that easy, what still to hard for you, you don't want to type in all those numbers, afraid you'll mess it up.
Well you can always you an online conversion tool.

Online tool

I would recommend convertmpatopsi.com it say it right in the name. To use it just pop the MPa vaule in the box and press convert

That site also allows you to convert back from psi to MPa and also MPa to ksi. I find it very useful


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Convert MPa to psi